geraldo: truly, and disturbingly, at large

loyal readers may recall a post on the old FAKE blog (and by old i mean existent until 3 days ago) in which i called geraldo a poster boy for masculine excess. by some strange turn of web clicks, i found myself on his web site reading about how he staked the fate of his “iconic” mustache on the outcome of the michael jackson trial. and then i started noticing the ads for his show, geraldo at large, all over the subway. so ashleigh and i went to mesa grill for brunch on sunday and who arrives but mr. mustachio himself, wearing tinted glasses. absurd! like there is any way to go incognito with that muskrat housed on one’s upper lip. ashleigh pointed out that his mug embodies the stereotypical disguise: mustache, glasses, big schnoz. oddly, ashleigh had been at a dinner party the night before where a couple mentioned that they had each separately seen geraldo out in the city that day, in different places at different times. like the unsolved mystery of al capone’s vault, we were left to ponder — why the sudden presence of geraldo in our lives?

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