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week one

of the new job. so far so good. i need to step up and start learning how the business really works. i am scared, but that is good. i like a challenge. i want to grow and get better and this situation will absolutely help me do that.

what’s the same across industries: the corporate stuff. the boardrooms, the scripts, the changes, the powerpoints, the scrambling.

the difference: the the content is interesting as hell. in fact, there is nothing in the world i would rather be working on. i have a lot to learn, and i can’t wait to study it.

another difference: the honchos are dynamic … and quite badass. they are demanding and don’t settle for anything short of the best. and they are just cool. i know, very high school of me. but i can’t help myself. i’ve always wanted to hang with the popular crowd.

another difference: the press. the constant barrage of inquiries. not to me personally (yet) but to my bosses. we are, after all, a media relations department for a high profile company. i don’t desire a direct PR role. my job is PR, but in a indirect way and i prefer that.

so that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

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