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the cycle

all things are cyclical. the good times, the bad. and the people. maybe not the specific people, but the kinds of people, at least. and interest levels. the ebb and flow. very much like my mtv consumption. sometimes mtv seems fun and fabulous, other times it’s a fascinating study of contemporary culture. and other times still — it’s utter, complete rubbish. now i know it’s me that changes, not mtv. cycles, seasons, to everything, turn turn turn.

i love business, and i’m good at it. yet there’s a very strong other side of me, where an artist resides. it’s the side of me that focuses on universal truths — the world beyond the next planning period. the particulars, the details, the specifics that we all seem to get mired in like a fly in shit is just … shit.

this desire to make contact with higher truths is what made me stop feeling anything very passionate with relation to politics, religion, etc. in recent years. i view those institutions and issues as a huge waste of my personal energy. call it what you wish, zen, peace, complacency, or just straight exhaustion. i don’t know what it is, but those things seem so trite, so ephemeral. which is not to say i don’t follow current events anymore. i do, but in a much more detached and accepting way. and the beat goes on, you know?

like picassso, i believe that “art is a lie that makes us realize truth.” art is the closest to truth that humans can get. the science crowd adds a lot. the science crowd takes the mystery out of a lot of things. but they will never take all the mystery out.

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