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the joys of much too much

“Go for the Big Life — the Great Career, the Perfect Guy, and Everything Else You’ve Ever Wanted (Even If You’re Afraid You Don’t Have What It Takes) by Bonnie Fuller.

i don’t feel compelled to read the book, but i do delight in the idea of it. just this weekend i was at a wedding shower and a friend of my mother’s pulled me aside and told me i was wonderful and my mother is so proud of me, yadda yadda yadda. then she paused and sternly warned me: “but don’t forget to smell the roses.”

it was not the first time i had heard that one. older generations tend to think i am not enjoying my life because i am so focused on my career. they are wrong. i get a great deal of fulfillment and opportunity for self actualization from my career. and i have wonderful relationships. i have a full life with friends and family and diverse delights. i feel blessed that i had the wherewithal to stay independent and work on sorting out my identity before i got married and had kids and tried impose my unrealized dreams, hopes and fantasies onto others. there’s plenty of time to fall in love and, if i am lucky, have a family. i believe you have to let life unfold as it will, because it will. there’s no sacred script for how and when things should be done. we all have to find our own way.

besides, that whole desparate housewives scene just so isn’t me.

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