when the truth disturbs

chalk it up to mythology, or social/psychological problems. whatever it is, women make less money.

  • A recent Cornell study found that female job applicants with children would be less likely to get hired, and if they do, would be paid a lower salary than other candidates, male and female. By contrast, male applicants with children would be offered a higher salary than non-fathers and other mothers.
  • A recent Carnegie Mellon study found that female job applicants who tried to negotiate a higher salary were less likely to be hired by male managers, while male applicants were not.

    fuckin’ A man, even the divas get less than half of what their male peers get. W-T-F?

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    • 357martini

      Chalk it up to pure fucking male chauvinist sexist attitudes….oh ya that shit went away with the 50’s…….right????????????

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