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I have an account on You Tube and posted one video so far ─ a short, crappy clip of the boats at Portofino, Italy. It’s totally boring – I just posted it as an experiment to see if I can actually put my digital camera videos up there, and I can.

I love making videos. Just this weekend I was talking with friends about what a shame it is that we don’t still have all those hilarious videos we made in high school and college — some of them for class assignments, others just for fun. The main ones that come to my mind:

1. “Oedipus Rex,” starring Carrie M. and Raphe L. Filmed in Carrie’s basement. The project was so well received by Gail R., our AP English teacher, that we reunited for the next project: “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. I’ll never lose the mental image of Raphe dressed up like a giant beetle.
2. “Don Quijote,” a collaboration between me, Adam “Kiko” K. and Gena G. for AP Spanish class. It was entirely made with Barbie dolls and Kiko’s brill voiceover handiwork. I vaguely remember patching in the song “Moon River” as DQ ventures over the miles in search of his precious Dulcinea. He was riding a black Barbie horse across my brother’s nasty ass blue bedroom carpet.
3. And there was “La Vida de Velasquez” in which I dressed up like 16th century Spanish painter Diego Velázquez, goatee and all. At one point he sailed across an ocean. We recaptured this by showing me floating in an inflatable raft in the brook behind Gena’s house.
4. Brian’s friend’s hilarious Geraldo spoof, around the time of the Al Capone vault thing. Attached to that was a Miami Vice style drug bust (with flour for cocaine). I recall they didn’t have driver’s licenses yet so they sat in a parked car and had someone jog by backwards. Someone also scooted down the driveway, below the purview of the car window, laying on a skateboard, holding a leafy branch, making it look like passing a “tree.”
5. The best video by Brian’s friends was “Illinois Jones,” their spoof on Indiana Jones. They took it quite seriously, filming it over several weeks. Very funny and the perfect showcase of male high school humor.
6. In college, Beth and I made a couple of mobster videos for our Italian class. We wore black wigs and mustaches, smoked incessantly and threw an inflatable doll out the window of the 4th floor of Knott Hall, taping the plummet and dubbing over a screaming sound effect. Every cliché in the book, and to top it off, we spoke abysmal Italian. Teribile!
7. Also in college, freshman year, we won the Howard lip synching contest for our performance of Parliament’s “Give up the Funk.” I still remember all the moves to that one. My friends said I was like Debbie Allen ─ meticulous with the choreography and relentless in making them all practice. But that’s how you win! I still have that video and could probably have it transferred to digital.

Those are the main ones that come to mind. I bet that they would be really, really funny to see today. Alas, now I have this major urge to make a new mini movie. I don’t have any ideas just yet, nor do I have any editing software. But I am sure I could come up with something. the mortal kombat theme video is my inspiration. friggin hilarious.

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