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he's just not that into you

this book‘s moment was like 2 years ago. the premise being if a
dude likes you he’ll ask you out. there is no plotting, no scheming, no
pursuing needed on the girl’s part. if a man wants you he’ll go for it. i
remember there being a mild uproar of sorts over the book. was it arrogant? old fashioned? misogynist? i tend not to pay attention to these things until the debate is over and the rebuttal book has been out for a while . i tend to think about it when it applies to my life or the lives of people i love. in any case, i thought of it recently, and i submit that i completely agree with it. how many times, in how many ways have i been that girl? it’s nuts. in my professional life i accept nothing but top shelf treatment. deny me my desires and i’m rollin.’ so why have i been settling for crumbs from guys? sadly, i thought that was all i could expect to get. but no mas.

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