my name is col, and i'm a new york blonde…

“The girls who look good are there every four weeks, and the ones who don’t look so good are there every two months.”

so i guess that means i look O.K. cause it’s like six weeks for me, maybe seven. but if i’m lucky, i get a housecall!

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  • spillah

    Then again, I totally have roots after, like, a fortnight.

  • spillah

    The degree to which I despise Plum Sykes is deeply unhealthy… and overshadowed by the large degree of confidence I have in the belief that her life is deeply unsatifying.

    Four weeks? Haven’t these women ever heard of lemons and sun?

  • Kate

    I’m totally going on 2 months at the moment, but I guess that’s okay, since I’m a Chicago blonde. Also, the degree to which I DESPISE Plum Sykes is deeply unhealthy. Yet satisfying.

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