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Jon Stewart will have fun with this one.

I first read about Keith Richard’s Fiji head-bonkin’ tree free fall in yesterday’s papers. The NY Post and Daily News described Keith “shimmying up a tree” in pursuit of a coconut with band mate Ronnie Wood. Jill and I ruminated about the fact that it would be impossible for doctors to discern whether any brain damage was incurred by that particular incident.

And then today the news says that after he fell out of the tree and cracked his head, he got on a jet ski and got in another accident.

Classic Keith.

His brain’s been battered,
Look at Keith – He’s in tatters
Keith’s a shattered

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  • spillah

    I can picture it now, “Mr. Richards”, one legged and cattywompus on the jet
    ski, beaded braids flying as he crashed into the surf.

    Wearing ill-tailored batik swim trunks.

    A comical moan as
    he went down.

    Like that birthday party game where you spin around a bat and then try to run in a straight line.

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