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friday night lighter

So much better this week. Wonder why. The moon, hormones? Spillah’s impending move to the hood? Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

So. The week. Mostly good. I love my job. (Yes, I have the occasional pang for day-long drum banging, but who doesn’t?) I’m not doing much yet, but I will. People don’t know what I do. They view me as “one of them” not “one of us,” which is fine with me, for now. Company, honchos, future prospects are all very good. Media: great place to be. The revolution is nigh.

Regarding online bachelors. Nothing happening. At all. After I shelled out dough for an online membership. After I declared I would document my efforts on this space. After I checked my email a gazillion times an hour to see if anyone had contacted me. Nuthin. Not even the Rickster. Could he have sensed I was mocking his name? Fuck it. With a moniker like that, it simply wasn’t meant to be. I’m not giving up, though. I emailed a few dudes … none have written back. But I am not giving up. One of my personal strengths: patience.

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  • Kate

    Rock on with the patience.

    Having said that, I am so not kidding about the photo thing. Make Spill pick one for you; the difference between what I think is my hottest pic and what the rest of the world does is staggering. But you are about 50 x hotter than me, so there should be no trouble finding a magic picture. And then you just sit back and wait for the streetcar of your choosing. For real.

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