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the girl with all the answers

those who know me well know i can get on my high horse at times and start doling out uninvited lectures. whatever it is — a god complex, insecurity, ridiculous confidence, or some combination thereof, i have it.

and traci reminds me. one time a few years ago we all went out to brunch and were contemplating what to order. i made a remark about pancakes having zero nutritional value. traci says that she loves pancakes but she has to think twice now every time before indulging … she hears my voice “no nutritional value.”

i also said something one time about how people who only text message or email their friends/love interests have a fear of intimacy. (i mean, come on man. are we alive here? pick up the goddamned phone!) whenever she finds herself opting to text people instead of calling them, she stops and asks herself “do i have a fear of intimacy?”

part of me is embarrassed when i think of myself pontificating and others actually listening and heeding. but another part of me thinks, good — i’m right and it will help them to hear it.

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  • Kate

    Man, you ruined pancakes and crush e-mails for me in one post! Dammit!

    Maybe you need an advice column, too, though.

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