my glamorous life

after the big meeting on thursday, i will turn my attention to
1. buying new running shoes
2. getting my eyebrows threaded
3. making doctors appointments
4. changing my 401k elections
5. getting gifts for june birthdays, grads and dad
6. getting a fax for the apartment
7. picking up art from my old office
8. buying a new computer chair for home

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  • Lost

    woohoo! Vacation makes everything better.

    Eyebrow threading? I might need to discuss that with you. I’m intrigued. Is that the new trendier way than getting them just waxed?

    I need to keep up.

  • colleen
  • colleen

    oh, dear, i am not doing these in order! i’ll be lucky if i get 2 or 3 done before i jet on saturday. but i’m with you … eyebrows are a priority. i’m beginning to look like christopher from the sopranos.

  • Kate

    The fact that you can actually complete steps 1-8, knowing that 9 is on the way, is what makes you a much, much better woman than I am.

    Well, I’d make time to get my eyebrows done, probably.

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