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Prairie Wish I Stayed Home Companion

Phyllis and I saw it tonight. Boo. Boring as hell. How did I let Robert Altman get me again with one of those friggin’ ensemble casts? Ooo ooo everyone I love is in this movie. Then you go and it’s like: “Gotcha!” Whole lot of fabulous actors in a mediocre storyless film. Ho hum.

I’ve been writing up a list of DVDs I want for my birthday. Yeah, it’s still 2 months away, but basically everyone I love has a June birthday (okay not everyone, but very very many). So birthdays are on the brain.

And so are movies because I think of movies always. Plus I’ve been thinking of getting a new TV. My current one is on its last legs. It shuts off sometimes by itself. Just the visual, not the audio. Whatever happened to the good old days when people had TVs repaired instead of chucking them and running right out to buy a flat screen? And by people, I mean me. I am one lazy yuppie. A lazy yuppie with a long long list of movies preceding the flat screen purchase.

Ahh, proving my honchos oh so right…

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