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Break on through to the other side

Time for a Stuart Smalley moment. I have had some major breakthroughs in the past week. Where there once was an amorphous orb, there is now a well defined ego with well defined boundaries.

Are my parents depressed, crazy, and self-destructing?

Am I depressed, crazy, self-destructing?

Took me a while to get here. Thank God I kept at it!

Listening to tonight: Keane — Under the Iron Sea. Which I resisted at first. Seemed like another mediocre alternative album that trenders in the East Village would rock out to. And it is, but I still dig. It all changed when Traci and I dined at the Italian place near my apartment and I finally met the cutie waiter I’ve been having googley eyes with for quite some time. He was playing this album. And he bought us a bottle of champagne and winked at me. Traci has dubbed him Jasper, and says he looks kind. I agree. Plus he’s hot and knows a lot about food. And you can’t get much more geographically desirable. Oh and I like the album cover. It looks like my doodles, though mine are not horses, just big curling waves.

I saw A Scanner Darkly. Possibly the worst choice I could have made at 9:30 on a Monday night when I am tired and trying to briefly escape the reality of a loved one’s addiction problems. It was cool, but I just wasn’t up for it. I love Richard Linklater and Phillip K. Dick. Maybe I would have enjoyed it under different circumstances. Regardless, Robert Downey Jr. rules.

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  • Kate

    Yippee for breakthroughs!!!

    And thanks so much for the CD! Just got it when I got back from Mpls. Awesome!

  • Lost

    Girl, you are SO not crazy! You are FABULOUS! Your family? Perhaps….

    Ooh, I want to hear more about cute waiter. Maybe we need to go dine there, so I can check him out. Or maybe we need to go back to Turks & Frogs and I can oogle the hot greek dude.

    Hm…disappointing, I was sort of intrigued by “Scanner Darkly” or whatever it’s called. But, truth be told, the preview in that weird animation stuff was jarring enough.

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