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a good day

since the last time i posted, when i was running on fumes, delirious, slappy even, i have managed to regain my composure. things are exponentially better now that i have slept, eaten a few normal meals, enjoyed the companionship of friends and animals, and showered.

friday afternoon before i left the office my boss handed me an iPod shuffle. i had mentioned i wanted one a few weeks ago … that it would be good for running. somehow despite the fact that he had even less sleep than i, and the fact that he was still in the same clothes from wednesday because he had gotten stuck staying at a hotel 2 nights in a row and didn’t even have time to figure out a change of clothes (or underwear!), and the fact that his hell would continue another couple of days since he had to fly with the honchos to LA and stay by their sides during the board meeting, and it was his birthday, he found time to do that for me.

that’s a class act, and a really, really good boss.

i slept friday night. and saturday i had a super fun, basically perfect day. the weather was gorgeous, and i had reserved a red mini cooper convertible as my zipcar to drive out to jerz.

DUDE, talk about fun. i love driving, but i’m not real big into cars. when conversations come up and people ask about the make & model of a given car, i rarely even know the manufacturer. it’s just not my thing. but i picked this car because it looked like fun. it was more expensive than the other zip models but i decided it’s summer, i worked my ass off all week … i can indulge myself.

i drove out to jerz with the top down blasting my favorite old school hip hop. BLASTING it.

i got to bri & ali’s to see their new adorable labradoodle pup, Gus. PUPPIES = perfection. his little soft belly, his massive clod-like feet, his sweet sweet temperament. i heart gus.

then i drove over to a BBQ at friends’ place nearby. good people, burgers, corn on the cob, watermellon, two massive dogs running around, wiffle ball in the yard. i heart summer.

i drove back around 8, top still down. amazing night out. tooled around the village a little before getting it back to the garage.

i came home to an oh-so-affectionate aretha. she may have smelled various dogs on me, but didn’t seem to care. i was asleep by 11:30. well nourished — family, friends & animals, food.

a good day.

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  • Lost

    Rockin’ girl!

    The mini is a super fun car to drive. Snakey has one in SF. I call it the miracle car b/c you can park that baby practically anywhere, in spaces you think no man has ever tried before.

    Sounds like a great weekend! Now, back to the gitmo….er, I mean work.

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