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when cousin flo comes for a visit …

Hey there. I’ve been away. Thinking of you, dear readers, but unable to overcome the exhaustion that comes with menstruality and a busy work and social calendar.

So lets get right to it.

1. Music. There is so much good new music out right now. I am like a kid in a candy store. When I hear friends lamenting the state of contemporary music, I tend to think they’ve become old and crotchety. Conservative. Not me. I love the new shit. The industry is coming back in a major way. I want to be a music honcho one day. Rollin’ Jay z style, I can just see it now.

2. Jasper. The waiter crush from the restaurant across the way. Kind of over that. Spillah, in her tireless and much appreciated quest to help me boost my mojo, called with an invitation to dine at his establishment last night. I accepted. We dined. I saw Jasper. He smiled awkwardly when I walked in and then didn’t look at me much after that. Nor did I look at him much. He’s cute, yes. But shy and young. And last night he wore a Dylan McKay-esque surfer style necklace. You know the black string with a shell on it. I guess it’s easier to blame the flame out on a choker than on the failure (on his part and mine) to take action. But whatevs. He’s still cute. And I’ll still see him almost every friggin day. Regardless, I remain on the lookout for future BF material. Which brings me to my next subject …

3. Speed dating. LOST found this thing online and I agreed to go. It should be funny. I’ve met the weirdest dudes online and am pretty skeptical of any of these staged “meet someone” services. But it’s guaranteed blogging material, and what the hell ─ there might even be a cool guy or two. Doubtful, but possible.

4. Publicists. They are, by and large, shallow, petty people. Not all, but most. Not exactly a newsflash here, I know. But I am around them all day and it really begins to wear on me sometimes. Not my people, not my tribe.

5. Furniture. Following the Target house-of-cards-dresser blow up incident, I decided to suck it up and buy some grown up furniture. A new bed and dresser from Gothic Cabinet Craft. It is being made and will be delivered on September 9. I am excited to have a real queen size bed with a headboard and everything. Yippee!

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