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the best part about speed dating:

the speed.

it is not a sport for well adjusted, hot people who could date more but just tend not to for whatever reason. it’s more for people who are shy, isolated, and odd and who can’t get a date otherwise.

before we went, LOST said “it’s either going to be funny or just sad.” and in my typical tony robbins response, i was like: “think positive, it will be hilarious.”

LOST was right. There were a lot of chinos in the house. And hip-mounted cell phones. Need I say more?

Still, it was good practice for schmoozing. I talked with a bunch of weird guys, all kinds of types. I resolved that I am a damned good conversationalist. I managed to send each of them off feeling good about themselves after our 6 minute chats. Tony would be proud.

Also, I liked the venue. It’s close to my apartment … cool lounge and good music. I’d go back.

But most significantly, LOST and I had a fun night together. Six minutes with a bunch of innocuous dorks is definitely worth that.

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  • colleen

    lost: attagirl. and remember, next time a guy asks you if you are hot the answer is YES. because, in fact, you ARE. very much so.

    kate: re: hip mounted cell. though i mock, i think i could let it go for the right dude. my dear friend B has stories about her now-husband’s alarming fashion when she first met him. lots of mock turtlenecks tucked into bad jeans. but it all seemed to work out. now they even have a baby. so yeah, you never know.

    jordan: yes, go with friends and also don’t have a lot of expectations. it can be fun, even if it’s not romantically rewarding.

    spillah: kindly dispose of the chinos so we can maintain our friendship. and kindly pass the message along to vespa that all devices must be unmounted from the hip when he’s in my presence. JK, of course … though i am still mildly disturbed.

  • spillah

    Not that he’s your type, but Vespa wears a hip-mounted cell and hip-mounted Blackberry. And I wore Chinos today to work-that-wasn’t. Even worse– stretch Chinos.

    You know me, you know Vespa. And you know the associated perils.

  • Jordan

    the best part about speed dating is the SPEED… hahahahahahaahahhaahaha.

    I haven’t done it yet.. but I’ve thought about going with friends

  • Kate

    That was very similar to my experience of speed-dating–although the venue in that case sucked. But interesting anthropological experiment plus fun night with girlfriends? Check. Our guys were all doctors and engineers–which you’d think would be a good thing, but… no. The only guy I would have considered dating turned out to be a plant! (He was a friend of the organizers’, and they didn’t have enough guys that night.) Sigh.

    Of course, I’m now madly in love with a guy who totally has the hip-mounted cell phone going on. You never know.

  • Lost

    Right on, sista….

    Agreed, the venue is worth a return, but we’ll go without sans-speed date.

    Onwards and upwards!

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