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future think

I am writing a couple of pretty heady speeches right now about new media and technology and entertainment and deep shit like that and it’s a so goddamned exciting.

A sign that I am using my energies in the right place at the right time, methinks.

I keep thinking in crazy sci-fi mode. Minority Report style, but it’s more fun and alive, less sinister and sterile. In my mental version, we are all going to get to do a lot of cool, dreamy shit in the very near future, and do it together.

I am reading this book called JUICE: THE CREATIVE FUEL THAT DRIVES WORLD CLASS INVENTIONS. It’s nothing that special, but still its got me pumped up. One of the greatest things a person can be in this life is an inventor. It’s the height of humanity ─ to create something new, that makes things better, or fills a gap, or helps society evolve. The same can be said of art.

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  • colleen

    thanks kate, geeked out i am. and i love the idea of being called a Futurist. even better, a Futurologist.

    b — i’ll look for that natty g article. thanks woman.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of future think, I read this fantastic article about nano technology in maybe May or June’s National Geographic. Stuff that blows your mind! Super cool. – Beth

  • Kate

    Dude, I used to work for a so-called Futurist, who pretty much subscribed to Fast Company, then told crowds of people who had never heard of it what was in there. And even then, she made SERIOUS bank. (It is amaaaazing how backward some corporations are.) If you’re geeked about this stuff, that could be a fun career move down the line. (And I’m telling you that because, of course, I secretly want to do it but have absolutely no qualifications.)

    So happy you’re feeling fulfilled in your job now, though!

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