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i wanna mack on jack

Ah, scrumpdiddelyicious Jack White, be still my heart. Are you an overexposed media darling? Well, um yeah. But I love you anyway. For your sharp mind and your sharp voice and your sass and how you play that goddamned guitar. Mmmmmmphh!

I just saw you rockin’ out at The Roseland Ballroom with your new band, The Raconteurs. Now I understand why you parted ways with Meg for a while. At first I thought it had to be because it got uncomfortable after a while to be chillin’ with you ex wife all the time like that. Surreal to achieve such massive success and then have all these expectations on you for what you should be. And you get a new wife and all of a sudden it’s like 3’s a crowd, time to roll.

rac·on·teur (rkn-tûr)
n. One who tells stories and anecdotes with skill and wit.

But after seeing you guys live, I have a different perspective. You just wanted to rock out HARD! Really hard. The way guys in bands do. Yes, you are sensitive and eccentric and all that but also, you are a true blue rocker boy. Black and blue rocker. Who likes to get a bit tough sometimes and hang out with the guys, rip shit up and get into brawls. Just look at the album cover.

oh jack, no matter what you become, i’ll probably still dig ya.

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