Checked out

For those of you who thought I was very much in command of myself and my life… behold the ditz factor. Thought I was flying out to London on Wednesday night; checked my itinerary late last night and discovered no, I actually leave on Tuesday. DUH!

Had a mad scramble today to reschedule appts., get prescriptions, raid Duane Reade, tell my boss I can’t work late tomorrow. Given the Jewish holiday it was extra quiet and slow at work so I was able to deal with personal admin. It was nice, but I was still jealous of my fellow sons and daughters of Israel who got to skip work today. I’m not big on religion, but extra holidays I can deal with.

Feeling a bit guilty about leaving Aretha for 5 days. I always do. Unlike your typical cat, she’s not aloof at all … she’s actually quite emotionally needy. I really love that, in fact. (I just want to be loved, is that so wrong?!). But I guess as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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