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Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

is the album for my mood on this lovely october first. i love the weather. the cool in the air. the apartment feels cozy. have a little red wine buzz from my dinner out. i love the sunday night quiet. let me relish, for the moment, that i have no work lording over me. the fact that i can just take a bath, put on my pjs and watch tv for the next few hours before bed.

is it okay to be okay? i feel so chilled out lately. things aren’t perfect but i don’t have that sense of lack or longing that i always used to have. is it a part of getting older — learning to he happy in the moment? i slept until eleven today. i can even take naps now. think this says a lot for my mental state … the fact that i can let go and surrender. for so long i was trying not to let anything happen. i wanted to control everything. but no mas. now i am going with the flow, and it feels good.

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  • Lost

    Being ok, is totally and completely ok. Don’t ever forget that.

    We live in a world where sometimes drama and action seems to imply worth, participation and inclusion.

    When we should really just be perfectly fine to be alone, quiet, and ok and enjoy the simple things like a quiet Sunday night with t.v and pjs!

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