back, lovies

so many thoughts stirred up. wacky dreams. realizations, benchmarks. good, weird … stuff of life stuff which i shall expound upon shortly.

however for now i am sudafedding up. on the plane back today i had an intense allergy attack. i was sneezing like a maniac the whole time … nose running, eyes tearing. snotty tissues everywhere. a snivelling, snarling mess. the poor dude next to me.

plus there was an old lady behind me who didn’t like it when i reclined so she kept pushing on the back of the seat. every time i almost dozed off … BONK!

she even bopped me on the head with a newspaper or something at one point! i turned around to glare at her and she turned her head, acted like it wasn’t her. thought i might be on candid camera! i wanted to tell her that if she paid up for business class she could be exempt from such plebian discomforts. but until then zip it, you old bag.

not nice, even for an imaginary off-telling — i know. my dad would say: “don’t be wrong.” so i held my tongue and spared that batty old british crone. BTW, ever notice how old people are the rudest ones a lot of the time? they’re thinkin’: “hell, i’m almost dead, what did propriety ever get me anyway?” maybe they know something the rest of us don’t.

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  • Lost

    welcome back!
    can’t wait to hear about the trip!

    and I want to smack that woman for you! I hate when people do that crap. It’s like, look…..we are ALL uncomfortable on the crammed plane, so get over it!

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