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just say no to slug work

Sometimes these guys can’t differentiate tasks — which ones to give to thinking people and which to give to worker bees. I do my fair share of heavy lifting and grunt work — makin’ cop-ies, etc. But I mostly do it for myself – not for others.

At my old company, my honchos used to give me a lot of that kind of work until I started taking it to their secretaries and asking them to do it. The secretaries agreed that it was more in their league. After a while, the honchos began to learn the difference between admin work and brainpower work, and they delegated accordingly.

In the future everyone will have to do at least some of their own admin. Honchos won’t have the luxuries of so much support staff.

NB: It’s amazing to me how helpless some of these old guys are. I was at an offsite once with a bunch of honchos. One of them bragged that he didn’t know how to use an ATM — his wife gives him his allowance each week. Lame!

I fantasize about dropping these dudes in a foreign terrain without money or handlers and see how they do. I take pride in my ability to fend for myself. I hope I never become an out of touch prima donna.

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