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montage collage

music movies music movies. friends love learning: the things i live for. saw two movies in the last week that have really sparked some things. ideas. creativity and emotion. marie antoinette. spill and i saw it together and my initial reaction was to say i didn’t love it. said i felt it was a bit half baked, which frustrated me.

but the more i think about it (and i am still thinking about it) i was/am just jealous of sofia coppola. the ballsiness to act on her creativity in such a grand way. to put it out there and up there. she is so talented. she really gets you to think. and it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t all tie up neatly. that was the whole point. by the end you really love marie the woman. she didn’t ask for any of it, but once she realized it was her deal, she had some fun with it. what’s so bad about that?

random thoughts
1. the music and visuals rule
2. jason schwartzmann is still dreamy hilarious
3. there was a converse sneaker in one of the shoe shots
4. there was an ingmar bergman wild strawberries reference
5. the timelessness of gossip, the yippy dogs and other frivolous human tendencies
6. roger ebert really nailed it:”this is sofia coppola’s third film centering on the loneliness of being female and surrounded by a world that knows how to use you but not how to value and understand you.”
7. even roger is writing in lists these days. (click on the link in #6 to read his full review of the movie)

the science of sleep. micheal gondry. another fucking brilliant artist. the guy gets it. gets the moment, the same moment sofia gets and the strokes get. the montage collage world we live in now. and how hard it is to be close to someone even while we’re all overlayed upon one another in quasi social virtuality. and how desperately we want to be close. real, not virtual. and until we can get there we make wacky little fake tv shows and live in our dreams, not our days. and spin lies and dreams over and over and over when all we want is someone to tell the truth to, to be close to for once!!!

the boy, stephan, played by scrumptulescent gael garcia bernal, is the dreamer romantic. the girl, stephanie, is the one who can’t or won’t open up. she wanted him first but he dug her friend, not her and she never really gets over that. and then they hang out and speak in the same bizarro language … dreams and yarn and cellophane water. weird shit, shit no one else would get but they both get each other. and once he really falls for her she goes cold on him, withdraws because she is used to being alone and love is scary.

it’s torturous to watch them. there are so many jane austenesque misunderstandings. it’s amazing how much we don’t understand each other. when i was more bookish into linguistics and philosophy and all that i used to be obsessed with the disconnect … the space where it falls apart – where intention separates from effect. the metaphor. the chair/the idea of the chair/the word “chair.” that whole thing. that’s why i don’t focus too much on grammar or spelling. because that’s not what makes people understand. that’s not how you make connections.

anyways. there were two lines that really stuck: one where she says “you will have what you want if you just stop doubting my love for you.” and i think that’s so true. it resonates. and then another when she says: “you could sleep with every woman in the world and still feel rejected.” it was a low blow. the point was that she was the one. the one he wanted and she kept rejecting him over and over. or did she? was it just that he wasn’t trying? she kept telling him to “just try.” just try. did he? so hard to know. what was the dream, what was real?

1. stylistically it doesn’t get more interesting than this
2. also the music is quite good too.
3. and it is really fucking funny. funny!
4. and ggb is such a fuckin stud man. dios mio, mi amor.
5. i really heart this movie.

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  • colleen

    thanks dude. i am not writing anything creative these days apart from col’s bloggy bl—oooo-oooog.

    i DO have a lot of creative things in the works, tho, which is fun.

    you know how it is — we have limited juice, must ration it wisely. i tend to use mine up writing emails to friends and speeches for honchos.

    but it sure does feel good to go off the leash every now again.

    NB: i keep meeting people who LIVE off the leash. it is so exciting to behold. makes me want to live off the leash too.

    and it reminds me of a william carlos williams stanza from patterson (book iii, part ii):

    The writing is nothing, the being
    in a position to write (that’s

    where they get you) is nine tenths
    of the difficulty; seduction

    or strong arm stuff. The writing
    should be a relief,

    relief from the conditions
    which as we advance become — a fire,

    a destroying fire. For the writing
    is also an attack and means must be

    found to scotch it — at the root
    if possible. So that

    to write, nine-tenths of the problem
    is to live.

  • kristina

    i love how you write about both of these movies. particularly about language and our culture of collage. really beautifully written and makes me hope you are pursuing Writing…outside of work. Where we know both hones our “writing skills” and saps our writing’s wildness…which is where the good stuff comes from.

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