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i did it! woo hoo!!

my third marathon and despite what i may have said, definitely not my last.

i loved it! i was smiling the whole time. even the last 6 miles.

the weather was perfect. 50 degrees. sunny but not sunny the whole time. not too hot. perfect.

crowds were awesome. as per the usual, they blasted michael jakson’s “don’t stop” somewhere in brooklyn … a cosby-esque looking block and everyone was groovin’ out, dancing. i danced too. loved it.

the other notable music moment was in the bronx. there was a stage, they were blasting marley marl beats and a guy was freestyling, saying hilarious shit. hitting on women. so funny.

other songs that were blasted included james brown’s “sex machine” and rod stewart’s “if you want my body.” there is something sexual about runners – that i can’t deny.

i ran with ABT from start to finish. it is so nice to run with a friend. it makes a huge difference.

traci came to cheer me on towards the end. it was a total surprise and i loved it.

we also saw ABT’s friends and fam on multiple junctures.

yes, it’s a psycho thing to do but i am a bit of a psycho girl. woo hoo. i love marathons!

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