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fun with numerology

a load of crap or right on? i’m leaning towards right on. weird!

my heart’s desire (inner self):
To find creative outlets to channel feelings, talk, have fun, party with friends; explore art, acting, poetry, comedy; tendency to daydream!

my personality (outer self):
Understanding, compassionate, always responsible, people draw you into their drama! Love music, children, flowers; prefer loose, easy wear clothing.

my karmic lessons:
1. A need to assume leadership, find courage, self-reliance; lack trust in yourself, are timid, fearful; overcome procrastination, promote yourself.
2. A need of discipline on the job, as you tend to avoid hard work or boring work; learn a methodical approach to life, it’s not about get rich schemes.
3. A need to learn limitations, be efficient, how to handle money, the value of money, organize and manage work or business, be honest with others.
4. A need to sacrifice egocentric ambition for social causes, helping people, community goals or humanitarian compassion, or face upheavals in life.

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