i don't hate other people's kids, but i do love the concept of this book

i watch morning TV as a means of participating in americana. it’s absurd tripe — 75% of it anyway — but it’s a great, amusing way to begin my day. like the day after steve irwin died, they went to an aquarium and interviewed a guy about the risks of stingray attacks. THE RISKS OF STINGRAY ATTACKS!!! 100% in earnest too — not sasha baron cohen style. i was laughing my ass off. anyways, this week they have a continuing focus on how to deal with bratty kids. they are going to have an undercover cam of kids behaving badly and how people respond. as part of this morning’s segment, they put author and comedian adrianne frost in a child care center on the upper west side. it was funny. she is so anti-kids that she wrote a whole book about it. god bless the U – S – A.

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