Release the Hounds!

I have it on good authority that the author of this piece from today’s New York Times Travel section is a very foxy lady.

Usually, you don’t see the hounds when they find the scent — you hear them. The hound that finds it first is quick to brag. When he bays it is called “speaking,” and those who hear him hustle over to check out what he has found. As each hound confirms the scent, he begins “speaking” too, until the entire pack is yammering like an algebra class with a substitute teacher.

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  • Kate

    I’ll second the “foxy lady” comment, and also… HEE!

  • Anonymous

    Which makes me happier? The fact that they used, “Release the Hounds!” as the header, or the fact that the newsdesk inexplicably okayed, “A over T”??

    What I didn’t say is that when the hounds “speak”, it’s also called, “giving tongue.”

    Those perverted equestrians.

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