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a very new york christmas visit with west coast mini honchini

e (mickey g) just left to go back to los angeles. we had a great visit. she wanted to experience christmas in new york and boy, did she ever.

1. friday nite we got vino at turks and frogs. she got to see the dude with the giant white fro who has three little white dogs and is often seen rollerblading around the hood in the summer time.

2. sat. we had brunch at paris commune. after that we shopped around. went to a craft fair and bought a neat hand painted box from an old man with a monarch butterfly bowtie. he knocked 5 bucks off the price just because “we seemed like nice people.”

3. we got pics with santa at marc jacobs. we told him to send two good men our way and he said he would. i forgot to ask for bond, though. oh, and santa was a perv.

click for larger.

4. we did the nightmare rockefeller thing. oh the humanity.

5. we saw my work. had a crazy exchange with a hobo on the l train. i tried to ditch erin on the subway but she was too quick.

6. we got a coffee at the little organic tea place near corner bistro. i spilled. they played stevie.

7. we tried on dresses at darling. they played aretha. there was a comedy of erroneous convo when a woman misunderstood our references to a cabaret singer trannie named millie.

8. we had dinner at the little owl and talked about how depressing it is to see couples who dine out together but don’t talk.

9. we went uptown to see “company.” we loved it, and felt it was eerily apropos.

10. we were both wiped out so we came back down to the hood and planned to go to the spotted pig for one drink. (brooklyn lager for mickey g, vodka tonic for me.)

11. we met some wacky, hilarious hedge fundudes and ended up staying til 3:45 a.m. a few topics of convo included: meredith baxter birney, j dilla, the episode of diff’rent strokes where the old bike shop owner molests someone. the fact that george clooney had a part in the facts of life – a handy man at ‘over our heads’. and one of the dudes admitted to thinking tina yothers was hot.

12. mario batali and michael stipe came in at one point and mario accidentally rested his ass on my knee. i was about to say something when he turned around and said, “oh, sorry — i didn’t mean to put my fat ass on your knee. i thought you were a stool. whoops.” even though i am neither a stool nor a foodie, my knee was honored.

13. we slept late. mickey G and i went back to pick up my debit card around noon (i had forgotten to close out my tab) and we ended up staying for lunch. gotta say, i think i might kind of love the spotted pig now. i think the karma has turned around for me. i was also there with J & M the other night and loved it. nice when it’s a neighborhood vibe, annoying on thurs. fri. sat. when it’s a wannabe/b&t crowd.

all in all, a holly jolly time was had. a perfect weekend of eating, drinking and really good company.

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