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digs this interview with Deepak Chopra. Am particularly excited by the following excerpt, because this is the question I think about the most. Though I don’t like the term “New Age.” The connotation is corny — brings to mind windchimes and Patchouli and the like.

Do you believe humanity as a whole is evolving toward unity, toward a “New Age,” a new level of consciousness on a global scale?

Deepak Chopra: Yeah. I think it would need a critical mass of people to reach a certain level of awareness for humanity as a whole to be affected so I do not know when that would happen. I think the fact that we now have technology, for example, the Internet—Beliefnet, for example—to take information and knowledge and you can rapidly spread it to so many people. That could never have happened say, 2,000 years ago. But today, I personally look at the Internet as the cloning of collective consciousness, our collective soul, it could be much faster than we think it’s going to be.

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