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Ah, shaddap You Face!

a great lyric, no? saying that to the bberry post i did from the train. clearly i was bragging about being out so late. and seeing celebs. and meeting a cute boy.

(ala dionne warwick): keep bragging, keep boasting, knowing you can always dish on me, for sure … that’s what blogs are for

anyways, the shower was great. very cool to meet karen’s fam and see the home she grew up in. isn’t it neat when, after knowing someone for years, you get to see a whole other dimension of them? i really love that.

just spoke with E … was alluding to something in the most recent self-help/new age title i’m reading. she said she’s afraid i am going to become so enlightened that one day when i close one of these books it will be like …


… suddenly aretha will be sitting there alone on the couch, wondering where i went.

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  • Lost

    Hooray for new boyage!

    Can’t wait to hear more deets on him. When are you going to see him again?

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