hello hell, here comes col

2007 halloween costume contender #2.

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for the record, because a coupla people asked
i love this snotty nose little brat!
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  • spillah

    I’ve yet to inform Vespa, but if I have a daughter someday, her middle name will be Maenad.

  • Sara

    there is this great blog called “a list of things thrown five minutes ago”–my husband knows one of the regular posters. its all pop culture-y stuff and often, quite amusing. i thought the candle in the wind parody was awesome.

  • colleen


    that poem is BRILl and those guys seem hilarious. how did you find them?

    kate, i’ve been wanting to learn guitar. i also have a name for our band —The Maenads.

  • Kate

    “Sisterhood of Schadenfreude” is so the title of my next album. After I learn to play an instrument.

  • Sara

    this is so up your alley!

  • colleen

    it brings me so much joy to blog about these things immediately, and then to learn that like-minded pals are right there with me, united in a sisterhood of schadenfreude. i also love that, as of february 8, you’re searching for halloween regalia “as we speak.” fortunately for us, dorkiness loves company. it really, really does.

  • Kate

    Oh, man. I MIGHT be able to get him to go as Marshall.

    I am so searching for hoochie dresses in my size as we speak.

  • colleen

    holy hells kate — hilarious! yes, let’s do it! we’ll get spillah to have a party at her fab new digs. any way you can get al on board?

    and if we are REALLY gonna get crazy with it, there’s also

  • Lost

    Brilliant, yo.
    I think this wins, b/c potentially by the time Halloween 07 rolls in…no one will remember that other psycho.

    RIP, Anna…..

  • Kate

    Oh wait, oh wait… can I come to NYC and crash you guys’s party next year, and I can be fat Anna Nicole and you can be thin Anna Nicole?? (That is not me slamming myself, just acknowledging that we have different body types, and… so did she!)

    Might I suggest…

    You: http://tinyurl.com/ynqg6w
    (and I will personally have a Trimspa necklace custom made for you, because OMG)


    Although we both really just want to wear the chartreuse bustier, don’t we? Dammit.

  • Kate


    And yes, I needed to yell that.

    And I might need to do the same thing, if I actually attend a Halloween party. Either that or steal your lady astronaut idea, now that it’s up for grabs–I just don’t know how I could make it clear I was wearing Depends under my trenchcoat without exposing more of myself than I’m comfortable with. And lord knows, the Depends would make that costume.

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