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threatening these pups = doggone evil

Courageous canines, Lucky and Flo

Malaysian movie pirates have put a bounty on the heads of two sniffer dogs who busted a fake DVD ring with a seizure of discs worth about $3 million, media and movie-industry officials said on Thursday.

Malaysian DVD pirates want sniffer dogs dead By Reuters Published: March 22, 2007, 7:08 AM PDT

Also, this is why animals rule: unconditional love and very easily incentivized…

When the dogs succeed in locating the discs — indicate by wagging tails and other signs of excitement — their reward is a soggy tennis ball.

Sniffing Out DVDs in the Fight Against Piracy March 19 —

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  • Kate

    You’re right: I totally wouldn’t do that for a soggy tennis ball. Dogs are awesome.

    Also, cuuuuuute!

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