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Who me, a yuppie?

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A friend and I met up at one p.m. last Sunday at a brunch place swarming with Tribeccan yuppies. I took one step in the door and was ready to do an about face. Strollers and screaming tots abounded, all of them dressed in shit like this. Barf. I can’t be sure why it bothers me so to see super-affluent New Yorkers luxuriating in their weekend rituals. But it does.

Don’t think it’s the kids thing that bother me, really. I love children. A lot, actually. And it’s not that I’m jealous because I’m anxious to have kids of my own. Luckily, I don’t suffer from the biological clock complex. Yeah, some will say ─ easy to say when you are 31. Check back in four. Well, there are no guarantees that I won’t change my mind, but the way I see it, fundamentally: que sera sera. Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday. You can’t force it, you can’t control it, so why obsess over it?

So what is it, then, that irks me when I come across such scenes? Is it the affluence? The privilege and contentment? The materialism and conformity? Am I jealous that I have less money and more doubts? Or ─ worse ─ am I afraid that I am in fact no different? Is it a kind of self-flagellation because I’ve seen the enemy, and she is me? Yeah … that’s the most likely answer. Whether or not it’s true, I’ve never liked to think of myself as one who takes the beaten path. And these days, the yuppie path in Manhattan is increasingly well trodden.

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  • Lost

    Aren’t you glad that I had the same reaction while waiting for you there?


    Totally get the whole monkier of

    Die Yuppie Scum

  • colleen

    yeah kate, me too. i waffle between contempt and envy over urban brownstowns and the like. i feel like a hypocrite, and i am. maybe some day if we ever reach the state of transcendence/zen/ enlightenment, it will no longer be so. and until then, flawed humans we shall remain.

  • Kate

    I think you hit the nail on the head.

    I look at the Burberry trench and have two thoughts simultaneously:

    1)I would NEVER spend $198 dollars on a baby coat, even if I had all the money in the world, because that is freakin’ absurd. WHAT KIND OF JACKASS WOULD BUY THAT?

    2) Oh my god, so cute! I WANT IT!!!

    See also: Mini Coopers, Bugaboo strollers, Kate Spade handbags, and urban brownstones.

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