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U. K. to the D – O – double G: keep out!

having reported on this issue in the past, i feel it’s my responsibility to let you know that the U.K.’s Snoop Dogg ban is being upheld. If you don’t recall, the ban was introduced following a Dogg-pound brawl in London’s Heathrow airport in April 2006. When Snoop and an entourage of almost 30 were denied entry into British Airways’ first-class lounge, a fracas ensued. Seven officers suffered minor injuries.

The article on today goes on to recap Snoop’s most recent infractions in the U.S.:

Snoop was arrested Nov. 2006 in the United States and was charged with possession of a gun, cocaine and marijuana after leaving a performance on NBC’s The Tonight Show.In Oct. 2006, Snoop Dogg was arrested at the Bob Hope Airport when police found a gun and marijuana in the rapper’s car.

In September 2006, the rapper was arrested for carrying a deadly weapon at John Wayne Airport, when officials found a collapsible baton in his luggage at a security check point.

Oh and there’s that recent incident in Sweeden too.

“Snoop and his team are mystified at the decision and are hoping that the British government will reconsider,” said European tour representative Celena Aponte in a statement. “He has asked how he can help rectify the situation and would happily talk to and give assurances to the officials.”

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