Sicky sicky me

Ugh. Food poisoning is the worst! After a delightful weekend in which I lollygagged with family, slept massive amounts, and purchased a pair of JEANS THAT FIT (Gap low rise curvy stretch ─ joy!), Spill and I shared a nice Sunday night supper at Extra Virgin. Or so we thought.

I ordered the mushroom crusted chicken with risotto. It was tasty. But within an hour of getting home, my stomach was distended and making really loud gurgling noises. Sick. I proceeded to spend the night running to the bathroom every 30 or so minutes. Sorry in advance for this imagery, but it was as if my ass had turned into a faucet. Sick! Around 8:00 a.m. I started puking. It was a relief, actually, to get that wretched food out of my body. After a really good upchuck I was cold and sweaty but feeling much better than I had the prior 12 hours.

I Blackberried in sick and used my new-found energy to venture downstairs to the grocery story to get Gatorade, bread, Saltines, and ginger ale. Got home, got back into bed and curled up like a little baby. I was achey and feverish for most of the day.

Aretha was such a loyal companion through it all. She insisted on sleeping right next to me the whole time, right by my belly. Mike told me about a Margaret Atwood book that speculates about the healing power of a cat’s purr … apparently the sound has a frequency similar to ultrasound and, therefore, has healing properties. Cats know this and that’s why they instinctively hang next to your trouble spots. In Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake, re-engineered humans form purring circles to heal one another. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyways, the day was spent sleeping, flipping channels. You know I am sick when the apartment is messy. There were dishes and boxes and soda cans and stuff all lying around. Oh and I only checked my email once, maybe twice. Now that’s sick. I did, however, manage to stay awake to see The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman. Lordie. It’s an abomination. There is SO much wrong with it, on SO many levels. Yet I feel compelled to continue watching. The bachelor kept saying, “not only are these women gorgeous, they’re smart, EVEN?!” And the chicks, oh man the chicks. Clawing their way into that Ken doll’s affections through any means necessary. Wrong!

I got a full night’s sleep and decided to come into the office. I am not sure why, though. I am still very sleepy, my stomach is still a bit clanky, and I don’t really have any work to do today. Am just downing Gatorade and typing blogposts. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

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  • colleen

    kate — that’s right. i recall your food posioning woes. thanks for the sympathy.

    kristina — you are totally right. i SHOULD have stayed home on tuesday. in fact i ended up coming home after a few hours after my stomach went back into revolt. i AM very weak and man do i need some TLC. i still just want to be in my bed!

    lost — i will NEVER go back there for anything other than drinks. yes, it counts if you listened to the bachelor. it’s not you — all those bachelors are plastic both in personality AND looks. i hate that perfect ken doll type. what girl wants to date a dude who’s prettier than her? apparently a lot of them. your observation about the questionable characterization of contestant occupations is astute. last week one of the chicks was lsted as “sorority recruiter.” and she was 24 so i assume no longer in college. what the?

    cynical girl — a full day’s pay for a full week’s poop is more like it.

  • Cynical Girl

    A full day’s pay for a full day’s poop.

  • Lost

    Ewgh. That sounds nasty. Note to self not going to that place for dinner! Hope you are feeling better.

    I didn’t watch the Bachelor, but I had it on in the other room. Does that count? I only heard bits of him commenting on the women. Is it me, or is it every bachelor they get, good looking but just like plastic when it comes to the way he talks??

    And the women they pick! Oy. My favorite is when the girl is like 24 and somehow her occupation is listed as “executive”. Um…right.

  • kristina

    dear, you should have stayed home an extra day! i have had food poisoning (mine was from a vegan entree from a local natural foods store, my body was like, ‘oh no, you’re not going down the vegan path!’) – it is a wicked experience not soon forgotten. you will be weak and need extra TLC for days!! take care of you…xoxo, k

  • Kate Harding

    Oh my God, that sucks so much. Having just had food poisoning a couple months ago, I relate too well. Glad you’re feeling better.

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