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Next up on The Factor: Snoop Dogg kicks my motherf***ing ass

Rapper Snoop Dogg recently appeared on a Holland based-talk show and had some unflattering words for frequent rap critic Bill O’Reilly. On. Mar. 29, Snoop appeared on the talk show Jensen! which is hosted by Robert Jensen. During the interview before his performance at The Milky Way club, Snoop and Robert Jensen sipped Cristal, and Jensen questioned the rapper about his image in the United States, when the topic of Bill O’Reilly came up. “F**k Bill O’Reilly,” Snoop said to rapturous applause from the studio audience. Jensen played a clip of a Nov. 2006 episode of Bill O’Reilly’s The O’Reilly Factor television show that featured Snoop’s former attorney defending the rapper against a variety of charges levied by O’Reilly. “I’d love to go on his show, but we’d have to do it in my neighborhood though, so I can kick his motherf***ing ass when we are finished,” Snoop Dogg said.

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