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Hello, lovelies. I am barely awake as I write this. After that sicky sicky me post, I left work early, went home and proceeded to be ill for the following 36 hours. Whatever I had, it was relentless. Though I came in to work today, and the Sunnis and Shiites in my belly have reached some kind of accord, I have almost no energy. I’m kind of dozing along. Plus I can’t bring myself to finish a full cup of coffee, despite the fact that I am jonesing for the caffeine big time. Exhaustion. That’s why I didn’t comment sooner on the fact that Keith Richards snorted his father. Actually today he’s saying he was kidding. Leave it to Keith to joke about cannibalizing his Dad in the name of a good high, and much to the ire of Disney execs.

The time off allowed me to watch a shitload of movies. Among my faves were 007: Casino Royale, Munich, and Brick. Casino Royale was fun and delicious as Kate and Beth and many others had told me it would be. Daniel Craig is off the charts for studliness. My favorite part was when he came back to the poker table after being defibrillated. Classic. Munich was a bit long and overdramatic. But it’s Spielberg after all and given the subject matter, well, that’s understandable. It makes you think, that’s for sure. Worth the time investment methinks. Brick was really interesting mix of film noir-like dialogue and conventions and Rushmoric precociousness in a Rivers Edge-esque high school murder/drug scene weariness kind of way. Excellent, very creative writing and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a brill protagonist. Also watched some junkfood for the mind, like My Super Ex-Girlfriend and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I love those guilty pleasures sometimes, “bad” as they indeed are.

Right now I am anxious to get my physical strength back. I feel so inhibited and tired when I don’t work out. First it was the weather preventing me from getting back into the running groove, now it’s my health. I really want to make the most of April to get on track since May is going to be mayhem: earnings, the Upfront, board meeting, shareholder meeting, family events, and my 10-year college reunion. I get overwhelmed just listing it all. Feast or famine I tell ya. But running helps keep me grounded, literally and figuratively.

Another random observation from my days spent glued to the TV: if I could be any celebrity at all, I would be Ellen De Generes. I just adore her. She is hilarious, goofy, has good style, likes good music and dancing, is a down to earth real person despite all of her success and she clearly loves her work. She’s totally comfortable with who she is, and radiates fun.

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  • colleen

    kate, yeah i dug SOTTP too. thanks, one week later and i am finally better.

    cynical girl, yes, ellen looks incredible — the fact that she’s 50 is totally inspiring.

  • Cynical Girl

    Did you see Ellen on the cover of W? I want to be Ms. DG when I grow up. She’s almost 50 and looks fab.

  • Kate Harding

    I love Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. And I kicked Al’s ass at bar trivia last night, because he doesn’t know important things like who Aleis Bledel is. So there.

    Hope you’re fully recovered soon!

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