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Here’s an update on my progress. Because who am I to deny you the spellbinding details of my existence?

1. Gift buying (multiple birthdays, 2 baby presents, a wedding shower, a wedding). Chipping away at the birthday presents. But you know, those keep coming and coming. That’s a good thing, tho: plenty ‘o people to love and celebrate! Baby presents: check. Wedding shower: check, now I’ve got to do the wedding gift itself. Also, Father’s Day.

2. Paper shredding (but I DID get the shredder)
Done. This is a rather therapeutic activity, BTW.

3. Submitting the rebate form for said shredder
Done. Received the check for $30 even, just have to deposit it.

4. Dropping off used clothing to goodwill
Doh! Shoved it in the hall closet and pretended it was gone. (Kinda like how I used to deal with my problems before starting therapy. Denial’s not just a river in Egypt, wacka wacka).

5. Buying a TV stand and bigger couch
Not yet. Came across a few prospects, but I tend to take my time with these kinds of purchases. Tried to rush the TV stand last time and it turned into a total disaster. Also saw a few nice couches on the curb in my nabe ─ rich bastards. The same laziness that they exhibit in not trying to sell/donate it is what keeps me from seeking help to bring it home to Chez Col. Oh well.

6. Health:
a. Asking my doctor to FAX the refill to the prescription place (they rejected the hard copy prescription ─ bastards!) I asked. They faxed. It came. I opened it on Monday night. It’s the WRONG PRESCRIPTION. Numbnuts! Gotta call back again. Will do that tomorrow …

b.Making an appt. with my PCP so I can get allergy medicine. Did it! Went today and got a Zyrtec prescription. And a Zpak for my sinus infection. Here’s to my health! She also told me to get rid of Aretha and my feather bed. The bed’s getting tossed tonight. But Aretha’s stuck with me until one of us dies or runs away.

c. Keeping an appt. with the dermatologist (have cancelled twice in the past year) to have my moles checked out. I made a new one for early July and I have every intention to keep it this time. Stay tuned…

d. Getting contacts. Went to the eye doctor yesterday. I changed my mind and decided not to get them. I’d still need to wear certain glasses at certain times, which, it think, would be totally annoying. My eyes really aren’t that bad. I already have a pair of glasses with a light prescription that’s perfect for work ─ lets me see the TV screen about 10 feet away and read the computer screen right in front of me. I ordered a new pair with a heavier prescription for distance so I can see better in movie theaters, outside at night, driving etc. They are green Gucci frames and look real cool.

7. Paying off all credit card debt
Yeah, that would be a good thing.

8. Saving more of my money
So would that.

9. Rolling over my 401(k)
And that.

10. Writing/calling many, many peeps
I covered a lot of ground in the last month. Not only was it my college reunion but I am also newly single, giving me more time to focus on my pals.

11. Working on creative projects
Hmmm. Do blogposts qualify?

12. Changing the annoying ass bulb in the bathroom
Done! And I even bought backups for next time.

13. Defrosting the freezer
Yeah, better get to that.

14. Joining a soccer league
Decided not to for now. It’s prime running season and I am still working out with Lamont. A girl only has so much time for exercise. Maybe in the winter, tho.

15. Following up with the data recovery place to find out how I can get my fried hard drive restored. Yeah, fucker. Every reputable place quoted me $500-ish bucks. I am still mulling that one.

16. Calling Dell support to see if they can help me get rid of the DOS prompt when i fire up my compie. Fuck – I really need to do this, but the thought of mixing in Dell Hell has dissuaded me.

17. Getting a new battery for my digital camera
Did it! And got a new memory card too.

18. Figuring out what the hell to wear to the Upfront next week and whether there’s any time to have my roots done before that. I ended up going to Filene’s Basement at around 9 pm the night or two before the event. Got a black skirt and jacket and a red tank. Wore it with dainty black open toe heels. Rocked my roots with pride and talked with some really huge stars.

19. Update my home page with some fresh music pics for the month. I ended up just going with Wilco’s new one. It’s decent, reminds me of other Wilco albums which I find to all be rather solid. Nothing ever quite compares to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, tho. And now, for the month of June, I picked 4 favorite albums for summer.

All in all I think I’ve done a good job. Gold star!

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  • Lost

    Dang, girl…that’s a lot of stuff accomplished! I should make lists than I can tick things off like you did. I could FEEL the level of satisfaction (for you) reading down your list!


  • Kate Harding

    Gold star!

    My Goodwill stuff is all in the hall closet, too. And the pile just keeps growing. I’ve got to do something about that.

    Oh, and yes, blog posts count! They’d better.

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