finale episode in their own parlance: Mortadella

after 8.5 years it all came down to a pile of onion rings? lame as hell david chase. leaving loose ends is cool sometimes, but this deserved something better. much better. disgraziato!

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  • colleen

    The show itself was truly worth all those years of devotion. However, I felt the ending was a lame, contrived attempt at ‘high art.’ It seemed cheezy, synthetic.

    I’ve heard all the various accounts and theories of how and why it was “genius.” I wasn’t hoping for a bloodbath or for a definitive answer to the mystery that was Tony Soprano. Whatever it was, I just wasn’t feelin’ it. And I knew it the second I saw it — before I listened to anyone else’s opinion.

    Ultimately, though, it’s the journey that’s counts — not the destination. Endings are not that important. That’s why I don’t think the last scene mattered as much as everyone’s saying it did.

  • Cynical Girl


    I never watch the show, but I know what’s happening via blogs and the internets. I watched the show, tonight, and could have predicted the ending. There wasn’t enough time built into the episode for a decent bloodbath.

    I’m glad that I didn’t waste 9 years of my life for that show.

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