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Comedy & Tragedy: Act 3

Girl: Hey, what’s up?
Guy: S.O.S.
Girl: Same ol, same ol.
Guy: Another day, another dollar.
Girl: So now we talk about nothing?
Guy: Huh?
Girl: C’mon.
Guy: Huh?
Girl: The play, the play. Don’t you care about it?
Guy: I thought we were done with that.
Girl: All the world’s a stage, hon. It’s never done.
Guy: Jesus, would you stop fucking with me?
Girl: Am I fucking with you?
Guy: Bitch.
Girl: Ouch, fucknut.
Guy: I’m sorry … but you made me do it.
Girl: Right. Are we living in a Strokes song?
Guy: (Handing Girl a scrap of paper) Hey check out this poem I found.
Girl: Read it to me, please.
Guy: (Reading from scrap) The question is laid out / For each of us to ask: / Whether to hold on / Or to drop the mask.

Read Act 2.

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