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the great thing about blogs

One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other’s stories. — Rebecca Falls

and for an amazing story, go check out the current post at rayette. excerpt:

in reality i have dated tall gorgeous men; short cute and sexy men; men who were thin and in great shape; men with beer bellies; men who had large, beautiful hands; men who were amazing in bed but whom i didn’t love; men i loved who were bad in bed; men with no education who surfed all day and read poetry better than any english professor you’d ever meet; men who wanted to love me, but didn’t; men i wanted to love, but didn’t; men who were nothing like what i was planning on but fell for anyway, and they for me.

none of these relationships resulted in marriage and at this point i’m glad. love and life shapeshift every day and people who i count out with a “no” suddenly become a “yes.” sometimes the person you counted out as a “no” comes back strong and then when you suddenly want them bad, they don’t want you anymore. and that could change back around again on a dime, given time and circumstance.

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