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Bourne again!

If you fancy action movies, I’m giving you an ultimatum: see this pronto.

In the theater, because it deserves to be seen there.

Excitement, intrigue, timeliness, timelessness, and a HOT AS HOLY SIN leading man.

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  • col

    speaking of christian bale & growling stomachs … i watched the beginning of ‘the machinist.’

    i had to turn if off after the first 30 minutes. partly because bale’s thinness is grotesque, and partly because i loathe contrived, OTT symbolism.

  • Lost

    I 100% support the list that Col has so aptly categorized as hot men (girl, you are on a role with the categories, btw!)

    I have to say, however, I am still on the fence about Leo. I strangely still see him as a boy. But, I do get that he is a good-looking one, but I haven’t given up yet another slice of my heart reserved for celebrity lusting to him yet.

    Christian Bale .

    *insert moan and swoon here*

    The movies last night rocked. Totally agree. Must be seen in theater. I’ve decided that the non-stop scene perfectly choreographed in the London train station was freaking brilliant.

    Matt Damon bends his arm to look at his watch and my stomch goes, “Grrrrrrrrrrrr”

  • no, spill, not as hot. but there’s definitely a comparison in these men and the kinds of roles they play.

    the raw, physical strength. a rugged masculinity. also think clive owen. i think matt falls more in the prettyboy category than in the brute one, but he’s still tough as hell. i’d group it like this:

    BRUTISHLY SEXY: danial craig, clive own, joaquin phoenix

    TOUGH/PRETTYBOY SEXY: matt damon, mark wahlberg, leo di caprio (yes, i really do think he’s tough now.)

    i generally like the dark, twisted, reluctant hero, ala Christian Bale.

    and the the man who acts at all the right times.

    oh, sweet fantasy mean of the movies. i heart you.

  • Spillah

    Ah, hot as holy sin. But is he hotter than Daniel Craig?

  • thanks kate for sharing another precious al-ism.

    and i think many of us had that franchise name confusion.

    to the ticket dude: i’d like 2 tickets for the bourne anagram, please.

    could be an snl skit.

    BTW they showed a trailer for National Treasure with Nick Cage. Lost and I looked at eachother and were like: “Didn’t that movie come out already?” Apparently it, too, is a franchise. Can’t imagine why they’d drag that one out, but maybe they shot them all close together without knowing that the 1st one would bomb (which I’m just assuming it did).

    Cheers Kate! And my warm regards to Al!

  • Because you will appreciate this…

    Al and I saw it last weekend in Mpls. with Paula and another friend. Paula kept getting the name wrong (“The Bourne… Conundrum?”), which led to us sitting around thinking up other possible Bourne movie names. The winner was, of course, Al, with “The Bourne Mentholatum.”

    That is how I will always think of this movie now. Fortunately, it takes nothing away from how hot Matt Damon is.

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