"don't worry — i'm bigger than you."

said the first dood who responded to my online personal ad. jeez.

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  • Good god.

  • it’s annoying to separate wheat from chafe, for certain. but it can be amusing too. the jass-ackery of many of these guys never ceases to amaze me.

    i’m tempted to ask him if we can meet for a first date at the gym and get myoplex shakes after.

    i can put oil on him. we could go tanning. imagine the possibilities — i’m getting pumped just thinking of them!

  • LMAO.

    Ugh…and here I was thinking that maybe I should get back online! You just reminded me of the perils!

    I don’t get men like this? Do they REALLY think this makes a woman think, “Ooh! He’s cute. Let me write back to him”

  • col

    he’s hans and i’m franz and he wants to PAMP me up!

  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

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