the wisdom of our elders

an excerpt from percepolis. i finished the first book. it was amazing!
regarding elders, sir richard agrees.

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  • […] seen 2 movies: persepolis and juno. persepolis was fun & different. if you plan to read the books, definitely do it first. i think. juno was cute. a little precious … indie emo overload, but […]

  • not all elders have wisdom, and some elders have limited wisdom. the tough part about being young and having the power is deciding which traditions to keep and which to shed.

  • “In a telephone interview, Branson said that he began thinking about a the notion in 2003, after he sought to persuade Mandela and Annan to travel to Baghdad to ask Saddam Hussein to relinquish power in Iraq. The two agreed, but war broke out before arrangements were completed.”

    Oh golly wow – if only America hadn’t “rushed” to war, this may have worked! “Please, Mr. Hussein, please spare your people by stepping down!” “Saddam replies, “Oh, why sure, I’ve slaughtered hundreds of thousands, and tortured millions in my prisons, but I like this whole selfless thing you guys are proposing. Count me in!”

    Oh, the great mind of Jimmy Carter. How Branson can associate with him is beyond me.

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