honchos, love, zen shit

how i feel at work

on the left, that’s me at the very bottom of a silo (linda thought it was a septic tank. lol. not far off!).

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  • one love chris, thanks for checkin’ out the site! i think one’s ideal CAN take place in the work space provided you are in a work space that suits you.

    that’s my goal anyway.

    i don’t expect perfection or an escape from hard work or struggles. not at all.

    i just want to find my people, my tribe, and a place where i can actually use my talents instead of being stripped of all creativity and opportunity by a soul-crushing bureaucracy.

    lost — totes, catch you on AIM manana. lol!

  • Lost

    100% totes with you on this one. I’m right there with you.

  • hello col,

    just dropped by to check out the latest entry in your blog…

    I agree, most of us would rather be in the ideal place rather than the work space.

    hope all is well.


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