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Never the twain shall meet?

Been having this thought lately that we are, many of us are, living in different dimensions, many of us not even recognizing it, some of us recognizing it and not caring, some of us recognizing it and feeling scared and weird about it so we don’t say anything. I work in the media business. There’s frantic activity around me every day. Wheeling and dealing. Quick thinking on the fly, yes. Yammering, grandstanding, aggressing. Not a whole lot of reflecting. Not a whole lot of diversity or true questioning of assumptions. A firm reliance on the Cartesian model of cause and effect. Do this and that will happen. Problem/solution. We’ve lived under the assumption that people and events could be controlled through sheer force of will. As someone sitting on the sidelines, observing, it seems like there’s a transference of power going on. Some THINK they are in the process of giving and receiving power … but they can’t see what they are missing.

The whole feeling part. The whole spiritual side of things. The ineffable, the unknown. That which we anticipate, some with fear, others with hope, others with wonder. I see it through the lens of womanhood. I see rich old white dudes trying to tap into the enthusiasm and ingenuity of a selected group of young macho white dudes ─ entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, information brokers, analysts, dealmakers, in a few rare cases actual artists. They’re taking these young pups under their wings, giving them dough, putting them on TV, jacking up their titles, flying them around on jets. Telling them, as Mel Brooks said, “it’s good to be the king.” In exchange the old honchos get to feel young again. (This is also why they often dump their wives midlife and get themselves a newer model). And the young get to feel loved and important. Then the young become old and the cycle repeats.

That’s the surface life. And below that, all the while, there’s a whole other movement going on that’s not as visible. It has little to do with money, status and the perceived attainment of super-intelligence. It has to do with the radical connection of minds and people. Hearts connected with minds, not detached from them. Art, expression, constructive human connections. The stuff that makes most honchos and strict rationalists scoff. When I was little we were obsessed with the concept of ESP. Back in, you know, the Carol Ann Poltergeist days. And ghosts: scary mean killer haunted souls of the past. According to the Wikipedia page, “ESP is defined as the ability to acquire information by paranormal means independent of any known physical senses or deduction from previous experience.” Maybe this is just Zen Col on overdrive, but I feel that this precognition, The Force, as the Jedi and Sith possessed is increasingly prevalent. Precognition, artificial intelligence … all those comic books and sci-fi “fantasies” are becoming realities. New things will be possible. New choices for how to live. Some of us will continue on the way we are … give us this day our daily bread … wearing silly suits, sweater and slacks showing up somewhere every day to do some convoluted version of a far-removed entity’s bidding. Or strike out on our own, driven by the tireless need to feed our insatiable egos. And others still will live think and work on a different plane where the sixth sense is not only accepted as real, but is actually used constructively in a community of like-minded people. The question I most wonder about is the divide between those living in the separate dimensions. Can it be overcome? Should it?

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