from my cousin in iraq

Hey Col!! Its great to hear from you. Things here are ok. The FOB i’m at is pretty secure. Its in the Anbar province and that is the Model of success here in iraq., though, plenty of foks still get blown up. This is also where the chlorine IED’s of a couple of months ago were. We are a multi force base here, primarily run by the marines. I support the CSH and handle all the medevacs in and out. This includes helicopters (blackhawks, sea stallions, chinooks) and fixed wing air craft such as c-130’s and c-17’s. The 130 suck to ride in as it is worse than a roller coaster.
The president was here with Condi and a few others about a month ago i think. Tomorrow, brett michaels of poison is playing for the troops and me and my partner are on medical coverage. Also, chuck norris came and we got to meet him. I shook his hand and i survived, so i was feeling rather good.
We don’t really get out side the wire, but are working on it. I am friendly with the security battalion here and am trying to go on patrol with them. We do get out to the gates and ride the wire though. We like to check in on the marines at the out posts to see how they are doing.
As far as needing anything…well, we if yo have dvd’s that are sitting on your shelf, feel free to discard them here. Also, beef jerky, the drink mix single servings, liquid bath soap and what ever else you might want to send along. We registered on any soldier.com so if you need more, you can go there.

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  • Linda K.

    col–count me in for donations to a care package. i didn’t know you had a cousin in iran. i would personally stay inside the wire, but i never colored outside the lines .

  • thanks you guys. lost since you are local you can totes give me your donations and i will put them in with the care package.

    laurs, since we’ll hook up paul pretty well, perhaps you can send a package to another soldier. i was looking at the web site: http://anysoldier.com/FAQ.cfm

    there’s detailed instructions for sending care packages to individual soldiers. would be a cool thing to promote. why not “treat” our soldiers for halloween this year?

  • For real. Tell us how to send a care package and I’ll advertise it on my blog. Doesn’t matter how you feel about the war — American kids need their beef jerky and dvds of Knocked Up no matter where they are.

  • Wow.

    I’d be happy to donate some DVDs and jerky. Let me know.

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