my blogfriends are FAMOUS!

we all know the power of the interwebs … but it’s nonetheless thrilling to see a very good friend penetrate the “legitimate” international press.

Reuters BMI: “Freaking out about nothing” By Terri Coles

TORONTO (Reuters) — Body mass index, a measurement of weight relative to height, is often used to classify people as normal weight, overweight or obese, but it has several limitations when used as a personal health indicator. Kate Harding, a freelance writer who blogs about fat-acceptance issues, put together a body mass index (BMI) photo project to visually show the difference between what we think of as overweight and obese people and who they actually are. The BMI Project aims to illustrate the measurement’s limitations in order to address the stigma of its labels … In her writing, Harding advocates the concept of “Health At Every Size” which focuses on exercise and intuitive eating instead of dieting, focusing on wellness and fitness as a goal instead of thinness, and saying that fat doesn’t necessarily equal unhealthy.

Hallelujah! Let us eat cake! And even if you don’t feel like eating cake, be sure to check out Kate’s BMI project. And then mosey on over The Phoenix to see my favorite HR professional and shameless media whore.

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