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it's LE CALL not LE COL!

you mean he’s dating a model, not moi? c’est la vie! that’s okay. i’m going to marry seth meyers anyway.

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  • thanks nwo and thanks K.

    when i read that headline, and the name le call (she’s american, BTW) i couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something with it.

    i actually spent like an hour or something looking for the images and blending them together.

    i love photoshop, always have. am not expert-level but i can get by. in fact the crudeness often heightens the potential for humor, methinks.

    and you can hire me any day, K.

  • kristina

    Holy mother of god, this is hilarious!! How did you do this?? Can I hire you to be my new media consultant? 🙂

  • nwo

    He obviously has no taste.

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